” Employee benefit consulting is concerned with providing a benefits

package that keeps your employees happy 

Kymin Corporate Image Kymin provides business owners with Corporate Financial Planning as well as looking after their own personal financial affairs. As employers you will face many challenges on a day to day basis, our aim is to make sure the provision of benefit schemes to your employee isn’t one of them.

Employee benefit consulting is concerned with providing a benefits package that not only keeps your employees happy, but also limits the impact on your bottom line. Where our service differs from other consultants is that we are there for the long-term; ensuring the benefits you provide stay relevant and cost effective.

Our employee benefits service covers four main areas:

  • Employer pension schemes – whether you are looking to set up a new scheme or help managing an existing scheme.
  • Auto-enrolment advice – is your existing scheme auto-enrolment / NEST compliant?
  • Employer risk and health insurance – advising on the most cost effective way of providing your employees with financial protection for their families.
  • Flexible benefits – providing assistance developing a range of benefits for your employees to select from.

Many businesses come to us with a specific need in mind, whereas others just want to find out where to start.

We start by getting to know your business and what you ultimately require us to do for you. This allows us to be more specific about the solutions we provide for you. We do this by conducting an exploratory factfinding meeting – at our expense.

After gathering information about your company’s need and history of previous benefits, we are then able to present our ideas to you, and if you are happy to proceed with Kymin, we will begin to implement our service.

A big part of our service is communicating directly with your employees to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits they are being provided. This aspect of our service is particularly valuable as it takes away the need for you, as the employer, to do it yourself.

We work in conjunction with your other professional advisers including, Accountants, Solicitors, Recruitment Consultants and General Insurance Brokers.

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